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Spanking Menu is a HUGE list of all things spanking. It has authors, D/d friendly blogs, pictures, videos, and a ton of information.

Products and reading pleasures. Be sure to check them out. Hope you can navigate one-handed. 

Favorite Blogs:

Captain and Kate
Disciplining Jayden
Dragon's Rose
Finding Sara
Flipping Spank Cakes
My Personal Thinking Spot.
New Beginnings
Saoirse Gives Way
Shelter in the Storm
Submissive Sanctuary
Red Booty Woman
Vanilla Extract
Diary of a Submissive Woman



For my 33rd birthday, my dear friend Katherine Deane whipped up a wonderful spanking crew and many dedicated blog posts to me!

 Here they are in no particular order. Thanks for the amazing wishes!

Kate Richards: Happy Birthday Adaline

Casey McKay: Happy Birthday Adaline

Corinne Alexander: Happy Birthday Adaline

Penelope Jones: Happy Birthday Adaline

Sue Lyndon: Happy Birthday Adaline

Holla Dean: Happy Birthday Adaline

Aubrey Cara: Happy Birthday Adaline

Emily Tilton: Happy Birthday Adaline

Do you want your link here? Leave a comment below.

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  1. love your blog would really like a link


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