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Spanking Hot Topics: Spanking Romance: the importance of dynamic first chapters, opening paragraphs, & narrative

Welcome to the Round Table discussion about Spanking Romance! Today's topic is hosted by: Lucy Appleby

Though I am still green to books on the market I am an avid reader of this genre. The first/sample chapter has to have a combination of things going on to entice me to actually purchase the book. To be frank I know what I like and if it is not there I will pass it on.

First - What am I looking for?

Are the characters well described? Do they have a dynamic opening/meeting moment? Does main character one trip over main character two and they laugh about it and go from there? Does one turn around and shove the other? Are they bratty? A whole bunch of anticipation after the initial meet-up builds in hopes of a second run in - re-union ect. 

From a writer's point of view I want to make that moment memorable. I happen to write M/f for now and my sole focus is to get the two of them to share a tender minute usually while one of them is acting goofy or completely uninterested. 

My characters are incorrigible sometimes but I digress. My current work in progress has the main girl nearly falling headfirst down a flight of steep steps. The main male prevents her fall and 'Poof' she is intrigued. This scene is absolutely the basis to get my readers asking questions and wanting to know more!

Second - Are they believable in relation to the niche (paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, historical...)?

If I am reading a contemporary and the main character sprouts wings and flies away I am not going to keep reading. I will chalk it up to a bad drug experience for the poor thing and move on. If however I am reading a clearly paranormal story I may wonder if this character is part fae. Hey, stranger things have happened.

As a writer I need to make my characters believable and mostly approachable. I have a bad bad habit of creating brats...wait I know you just rolled your eyes there. Bratty Addy writes about brats? Shocking! Please stay with me. My female leads have all been super passionate and fiercely independent whether by circumstance or unfortunate incident. I like writing strong women who happen to get into a situation where they need to depend on someone else. It makes for a nice dance of wanting to be dominant yet allowing others to assist. This is my favorite type of set-up as both a reader and writer.

Third- What event throws them together?

Did someone get thrown out of a bar? Is the main character's life in danger? Did the main character just have a bad day at work?

Reading and writing is the same on this last point. There must be action or I am not happy. You almost fell down a mountain but the helicopter arrived and zoomed you away? Yey! There are bad guys chasing the two of you across town on motorbikes? Sweet.  I do make a slight exception for historical but a sword fight or horse chase will also hook me in. I like to do something, anything, dramatic to really get my reader's interest piqued. THIS is important to have the next page turned...or you know slide of the finger. 


Give me some strong characters and I will write my own to share with you. I want to see action and believable characters who are thrown together for a random event or circumstance and I will also return the favor. I love to read what I love to write. Of course the story must contain spankings, sexy spankings, punishment spankings, really any kind. They make EVERY story more interesting. ;)

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Addy Welcomes: Joelle Casteel - Genre Formulas and How I Break Them

Hi Joelle! Thank you so much for coming over. I am very excited to be part of the tour and thrilled about the re-release! Feel free to come back anytime.

It's day 11 on my blog tour for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One" of my Vala's Story serial. Please visit this page if you want to catch up on missed posts. Thank you, Adaline, for hosting me.

I failed algebra the first time through in high school. I had it first thing after lunch and my friend who always had marijuana had the same lunch period with me. I also decided to take my math book home one night, but then went to a pot party and heck if I had my book the next day. So yeah, formulas and me aren't on speaking terms lol.

Formulas (in fiction) are also a large part of why I decided to self-publish "Vala's Story." Every so often I read an article, something posted on Facebook and my beta reader receives a worried message "Is 'Vala's Story' erotica or erotic romance?" Or something like that. Or I'll worry at her about what would be the appropriate "tags" for any of the books. Things like "Is 19 slaves/subs/switches and one Master too many to use menage?" Or "Does the sex happen too often for erotic romance?"

So what is "Vala's Story" anyways? Of course, each book in the serial has its own color. "Out of the Night: Book One" is a much different book than "Oh, Sklavimuth: Book 7"- there is certainly more humor in Book 7 than Book 1. Rather than try to say what it is, I'm going to tell you how it's different than much of the erotica/erotic romance that I've read.

Here I'm thinking about erotica- I have spent more time on character development, especially on back stories than one often finds in erotica. I didn't try to do "point of view pornography" in words; while the formal introductions of The Queen's slaves may seem like a lot of info quick, I lay the plans for you the reader to get to know each of these people more over the 9 planned books of the serial. And these are really more than characters to me; my BR is all too familiar with questions like "Do you think The Queen would really say that?" as if he's an actual person. Also as I was just talking, not only am I thoughtful on character back story, but on character interaction. I haven't written a monogamous couple nor have I written a threesome. I have a complex polyamorous situation that not only includes the complicated interactions of a poly relationship, but also includes a BDSM hierarchy- I've included The Queen's stable diagrams for a reason- to aid readers in following who submits to whom, who owes whom a title, and all sorts of other little details that a BDSM relationship of this type entail.

Now these last comments lead me to two interesting ways in which I'm different than erotic fiction I've read. I have written a polyamorous relationship; the focus of the sexual and romantic activity in my story is The Queen and his slaves. While some casual sex happens at times (and only in limited situations in "Out of the Night: Book One"), the focus is still on activity that happens within a committed relationship. And yes, The Queen has a lot of slaves. Twenty by the end of Vala's Story. The number of characters also affects the subjects of "happily-ever-after" and "happy-for-now." In reading Patricia Logan's "Master's Boy" serial, I quickly saw how HEAs and HFNs are going to be difficult for readers in my books. Spoiler here, but I think most would say that Vala only gets an HFN in "Night," and that's even debatable. But you see, I know where she is when the 9th book ends. There's also The Queen's HEA, Tommy's HEA, Abrecan's HFN and on and on. Sure, it's Vala's Story, but there are other people that she interacts with. Heck, even The Queen's best friend, Prince Synn, gets a HFN in a few books lol.

But don't let me forget the myriad types of sexual and BDSM activity I show! I would be remiss to limit my conversation just to the book I'm promoting here- I build from straightforward male, female vaginal intercourse all the way to extreme BDSM activities (things such as inverted, suspended bondage) over the course of Vala's Story. I don't ask for my readers to deal with that much variety in "Night" though; you get to build up to much of the diversity of sexuality along with Vala as she sees and experiences things. A little preview of sorts, I was talking with my editor about the third book in this serial and I asked her "Will you be able to handle scenes including enemas and scat?" No, there aren't any enemas or scat in "Night," but I do engage in a bit of CBT (or in other words, cock and ball torture.)

Vala begins the story: "Hello. How are you today? I hope you're doing wonderful. I know I am." Yes, she is talking directly to you, the reader, here. Yes, she hasn't taken her new name yet. She introduces herself as Mearr Efa. Now this isn't the only time she talks to the reader or even her ghost writer, although you have to wait for that one :D. With the exception of stories told in the 1st person, I'm told that characters talking to the reader is pretty rare now and in fact, I can't think of any books where this is done off the top of my head. But Vala is willful and she'll talk to the reader if she darn well whats to; I know, she taught me how to brat and be less the perfect little submissive.

S. J. Maylee, whose review on a previous edition of "Night" now appears at the beginning of the book, said of my use of POV that "it makes it feel as if it's a movie." I hadn't actively attempted to make that feeling, but it's an interesting summary. Of course, the majority of the story in in Vala's POV, it being her story, but there have been times when I had a reason to jump into some other character's head; don't worry, you'll be able to tell when and why I've done it. Now in many writing circles the phrase "head-hopping" is used as a derogatory term for this sort of POV shifting. Handled poorly, I agree that it's bad, but I've endeavored to use it as a plot device that I hope readers enjoy.

What is "Vala's Story"? It's a serialized story following the BDSM training of one woman who happily finds herself in a large, loving polyamorous BDSM relationship. There's romance, sexual activity, humor, tragedy, and hopefully a wider range of human emotion shown in either erotica or erotic romance usually.

"Out of the Night: Book One" blurb

Restless and world-weary, Mearr isn't about to admit she needs anyone's help, even this gorgeous man who has taken her into his home. Well one of his homes and part of this huge family she's heard about but not met all of. She's young, looks young, and knows it but at least she's legal now so she can pick a new name to go with her new life...

The Queen knows he wants Mearr bad, ever since the first time he saw her in the window of the coffeehouse. He has his plan, but even a Dominant's plans don't always survive the unpredictability of the future. He struggles to figure out this temperamental woman he's brought home, how best to help her. Then he takes her to his mansion...

They wait patiently for The Queen to bring Mearr home. Well to the home they've been redecorating for Him and for the hopes that she'll become part of their family and be trained to please Him. Simon and Tommy have seen her, of course, being The Queen's right and left hands; they say she'll be a perfect addition...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' backstories, such as drug abuse.

Buy it on-


As they become available, please check on the "My Books" page for links to buy on, Barnes and Noble, and, if you'd prefer not to buy at Smashwords.

Joelle Casteel has been writing for as long as she can remember. Explicit, graphic, her writing isn't for minors or the easily offended. Once upon a time, she preferred to write on a PC, sitting on a stool- there were those who told her she looked like Tori Amos playing the piano. She's still trying to get the hang of writing in an arm chair instead, normally with a heavy dog's head resting on her feet, whether she wants that or not. With BDSM gaining a broader audience with various books- which she will not name because she can't stand them- she feels it's past time to put out her impression of what BDSM can look like in reality.

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Spring Fling Blog Hop #HopswithHeart

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop! It was put together by Jane Wakely and I am happy to be a part of it!

Spring is in the air and so is pollen, I mean love....and spankings and all sorts of fun things. <3

I am giving away a $5 gift card to Amazon so please leave a comment below and head back to: to visit the other blogs for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

I am sharing an excerpt from my current WIP, Supernatural 101 (working title) :

“Sometimes I cannot believe the same girl who sits in my classroom and offers such incredible insight is the same as this brat sitting here.” He ran a hand down over his face.

“You are a very hard person to talk to when we are alone.” Devon not recall anyone else raining this much attention on her and she squirmed under his scrutiny. Why did he care about what she did at all? She sipped again from the glass.

“You refuse to answer my question so I will assume you were under the influence. On to your second remark, I happen to be an amazing conversationalist. My idea is you get so distracted around me you have to resort to sarcasm.” Matthews cocked his head to the side.

“You know what happens when you assume something?” Devon felt her brat go into high maintenance mode.

“If you had any idea what I would like to do to you right now-“

“Does it involve handcuffs and whipped cream?” She blinked up at him as he glowered down at her. Shit. Poking at him is not getting the usual response of a laugh and pat on the head.

“Your attitude is not cute. My concern is you will continue to go out, drown in alcohol and place yourself into dangerous situations. You need someone to guide you.” Matthews kept his eyes on her.

“You know the last time I checked I was an adult! I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions.” She finished the juice and slammed the glass onto the counter. It would have had more merit had the glass broken but the look he shot just from one action made her secretly glad it had not.

“Be respectful of the objects in my house. I let you stay here as a guest.” He picked the glass up and repeated his earlier actions as he had with the dish.

“I should go home and let my roommates know I am all right. I am sure they are worried about me.” She changed the subject because she hated to admit he was right. Her attitude sucked this morning.

“Did any of your friends check on you?”

“Of course they did!” Devon made a point to pull her phone out of her pocket. The screen showed not one missed call or text. Some of her anger faded at the realization she had spent too many nights away from the house.

“I guess being out all night is part of your routine?” Matthews locked those deep blue-violet eyes on her again.

“Why the hell do you care what my routine is?” Devon tried to bite back the attitude but part of her wanted to see just how hard she could poke him.

“Your antics caused me to cancel my own plans last night which is a complete show of disrespect. Do you know what I would normally do in this situation?”

“I don’t have time to stay here and listen to you lecture me.”She stood and turned towards the main room. Forget this, I am out of here.

“I do not intend to lecture you for this.”  He replied and made a shiver run through her.


Working Blurb:

Devon Dawson was in her junior year of college when she lost her father to a terminal disease and her mother in a car accident.

Devon though an adult by the world’s standards was orphaned in less than six month. She has no one to help her break down the wall she has built around herself and has turned to alcohol to drown out the grief.

After her father passed from cancer her mother had been unable to fully function. A standard trip to the grocery store on a typical day had turned into her last drive when she had swerved to avoid a truck which crossed into her lane and tumbled the car over an embankment. Devon had already been in school and the guilt of not being there physically for her mom crushed her. In less than six months, Devon is orphaned.

On a whim she signs up for an elective about supernatural creatures with sexy Professor Matthews who has a no tolerance policy for disrespect. The handsome teacher is determined to bring back Devon’s motivation to excel even if he has to hold her accountable with physical consequences.

Will Devon allow Professor Matthews to push her to succeed or is she too numb to feel anything again?


To win my gift card please leave your name and email address in the comments below.

Happy Spring!




P.S - I LOVE the comments and I have been reading them all. Just waiting to comment since it's easier to pick a winner. <3 Last day to win!

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New Release: The Winter Storm Scavenger Hunt

Thanks so much for letting us on your blog today, Addy! Hi everyone, it's Casey, one of the co-authors of the new book The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle

Katherine Deane, Renee Rose, and I thought it would be fun to have a little Scavenger Hunt in honor of our new book being released. Here are all the details:

We will have a new excerpt from our new book The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle everyday. All you have to do is read the post and answer the question below. Do not answer in the comments, we want everyone to have a fair chance!

Answer once each day and for each correct answer you will be entered into a drawing to win:

- $25 Amazon giftcard

- $10 Amazon giftcard

- A previous release by Renee Rose

- A previous release by Casey McKay

Here's a little excerpt from the book. Coral works at Spa "NK", a fetish lodge. She brings new guest Jake down into the BDSM dungeon to show him around, but turns out he may be more in charge than she anticipated.

Coral didn't have a chance to react before Jake stood up and dumped her on her feet. He pushed her towards the spanking bench and she momentarily glanced back to see him pick up the riding crop again. His words were still ringing in her ears, did she just ask him to punish her? She was about to tell him that she thought he may have twisted her words around but he pinned her with a look.

"Lower your pants and bend over the bench," he gave the simple command.

She opened her mouth to speak but he crossed his arms and took a step closer. "This is the part where you comply without hesitating, so as not to make your punishment worse."

"Wait, this isn’t how it goes. We need to go over things. You need my limits, safeword, things like that."

He paused in front of her and then an amused look crept across his face, "Things you go over before you play?"

She nodded emphatically, her trepidation relieved now that the ball was back in her court.

"You’re the pushiest submissive I’ve ever met." His eyes danced with mirth and he leaned in close to her, "Also, I’m not playing."

She wanted to jump back, his hot breathe on her ear making her shiver.

"I’ll find your limits, and then I’ll push them." He stepped in a circle around her, making her feel caged in, "You may choose a safeword, but I doubt you’ll use it."

"Plankton," she whispered.

"Fine," he said and nodded, "pants, now." He gestured for her to hurry up, "Or I can go back for that nice wooden paddle I saw before."

She swore she could see him laughing as her hands flew to the front of her jeans, fumbling with the button. She tried to remind herself to breathe. She pushed them down to her knees and shuffled a step closer to the bench so she was right up next to it.

"Good girl, now kneel on the seat and drape yourself over the top."

She knew what to do, she had used the bench before. All in good fun though. She looked at the piece that had always brought her so much pleasure and wondered how this session would leave her feeling. She looked back up at him, appealing to him with her eyes, but he only motioned for her to get on with it.

With a resigned sigh, she placed herself over the top. Her knees held closely together by the jeans bunched around them, at least she still had the slight protection of her little lacy panties.

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